Technical specifications

Maximum operating temperatures

Fixed and protected installation: 90°C
Mobile installation: 60°C
In short-circuit: 200°C

Cable marking

TITANEX – 90°C – n(G) or (X) x s – NEXANS CE USE < HAR > H07RN-F – Factory number
n = Number of cores
G = with green/yellow core
X = without green/yellow core
s = cross section in mm²


Special cross-linked elastomer

Conductor material

Bare copper Lead free


Visible and long-lasting

Outer sheath

Special cross-linked elastomer Colour: Black

Minimum bending radius

Dynamic use: 6 to 8 x cable outer diameter
Static use: 3 x cable outer diameter (for Ø < 12 mm) or 4 x (for Ø > 12 mm)