Cookies policy


A cookie is a text file stored in your web browser. It allows our server to identify our users’ computers as unique users. uses cookie files to facilitate analysis with the intention of improving the customer experience and allowing tailored advertising based on the user’s activity.

Analysis uses cookies to improve the user experience by analysing the user’s activity and navigation on the website. This information never contains any personal data as all users are analysed in groups.

The analysis tool used is Google Analytics, provided by Google Inc.

Advertising may use third-party cookies to generate tailored advertising based on previous activity (retargeting). No information that is passed on to third-party networks will contain any personal data.

Blocking and deleting cookies

The user can block cookies by adjusting their browser settings accordingly. There is also the option for the user to adjust their browser settings so that they are always asked about cookies, depending on the website visited. However, this can impair the user experience considerably. The user can also remove cookies at any time via their browser settings. The procedure differs depending on the browser used.

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